Workouts to help you reignite your fire in the gym, and help you SWITCHIIT UP!


SWITCHIIT UP is a monthly workout platform that includes:

(ONLY $10/mo)

  • High intensity, circuit style workouts 5 days a week, available through the Teachable App
  • Workouts are fun, different, and challenging! They will help you reignite your fire in the gym, and push you past your comfort zone
  • Exercise tutorial videos for every movement, to ensure you know how to perform the exercises safely, and effectively! The tutorial videos also provide alternative exercises in case your gym does not have similar equipment.
  • Extra workouts included (At home workouts, core workouts, etc. are continuously being added!)
  • Reoccurring monthly subscription, and new workouts are uploaded monthly. You are able to cancel your subscription whenever, free of charge!
  • Community Facebook Group with other SWITCHIIT UP members!
  • Meal Plan Add On (Customized, dietitian approved meal plans available on the healthEVO app!) SWITCHIIT UP members get monthly meal plans for only $10 a month (normally $29.99!)
  • Extra info on self love/self development
  • Guest trainers featured monthly, so you can add new styles of exercise to your weekly regimen!
  • App Access (Download the app "Teachable" to get SWITCHIIT UP on your phone!)

**Teachable App only available on iPhone and iPad (however, you can easily bookmark the course on your internet browser to access conveniently)

Is SWITCHIIT UP Right For You?

Check out the video below to learn more about this program!


SWITCHIIT UP members will also receive the option to sign up for a meal plan add on for only $10 extra a month through my company healthEVO! You will receive fully customized, dietitian approved meal plans that are tailored to YOU and your goals! Accessible all through the palm of your hand, the healthEVO App! The meal plan add on option includes:

  • Monthly meal plans (can change, pick a new plan whenever you want!)
  • Food Tracker (QR scanner & Full Myfitness Pal database to make tracking easy!)
  • Automated grocery lists
  • Exercise and progress tracker
  • Hundreds of meal plans for all dietary, allergy, disease, and nutritional preferences
  • Access to tons of recipes and helpful handouts
  • Cancel anytime, free of charge!

Click HERE to learn more about the meal plan add on option!


"SWITCHIIT UP is exactly what I’ve been missing! I had fallen out of love with exercise and was stuck just going through the motions. These workouts make me genuinely excited to work up a sweat and honor my body with movement everyday! They not only push my body but they keep my mind engaged and entertained throughout the entire workout too! I can’t wait to see what amazing things my body can do after continuing with this program!"

"I recently started incorporating Gabby’s SWITCHIIT UP workouts and I cannot get enough of them! They are definitely tough and will push you, but you’ll leave the gym feeling so accomplished. I typically hate any form of cardio, but these workouts are perfect for anyone to who wants to beat a plateau or regain their motivation in the gym. I would recommend this program to anyone!"

"Newfound love for working out!!! The SWITCHIIT UP workouts are intense and not like anything I’ve done or seen before! They are fun and different and I’d highly recommend to anyone who wants to feel good about working out!"

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